Outdoor Kitchen Ideas In Cape Coral For A Smaller Household


If you are looking into getting a smaller outdoor kitchen in Cape Coral and need some ideas, you’ve come to the right place! 

This article will showcase outdoor kitchens that are better suited for smaller households, families, or people who don’t have too many guests over when they are entertaining.

 Although, Paradise Grills offers so many different customization options, not just limited to smaller parties. Specifically, we will highlight the Paradise GX4, Paradise GX6, and Paradise GX8 grilling systems. We will also cover the Aruba, Fiji, and St. Croix bar systems. Thanks to the FlexBuild System, just these few products allow up to 12 different customization options.  (more…)


Three of The Most Underused Outdoor Kitchen Accessories In Pembroke Pines

Outdoor kitchens from Paradise Grills are always incredibly individualized. They are a place where one can express themselves to their company through the food they prepare. And yet there are some outdoor kitchen accessories in Pembroke Pines that are often overlooked. Here we will cover some of the most overlooked and underappreciated accessories for your outdoor kitchen. (more…)


Cuban Inspired Dishes for Your Miami Outdoor Kitchen

Instead of dealing with traffic and tourists on their days off, many Miamians like to lie low and spend time in their homes, enjoying the company of their friends and family. Now, this doesn’t mean that it’s always a laid back gathering. Whether you love to throw colossal house parties or intimate gatherings, outfitting your home with a Miami outdoor kitchen, complete with seating, a fire pit, and a Tiki Hut, can make you and your guests feel like they’ve just booked a ticket to Paradise. 

Today on the blog, we’ll be exploring dishes you can grill on your outdoor kitchen in Miami, with a Cuban influence. We hope you’ll enjoy these dishes the next time you use your Paradise Grills BBQ grill.  (more…)


How To Grill For A Large Group : Tips & Recipes To Help You Succeed

Grilling for large crowds using your new Pembroke Pines outdoor kitchen can be a lot of fun-if you’re prepared. To make sure that your next large gathering goes as smoothly as possible and doesn’t end up costing you a fortune, we’ve gathered some tips and budget-friendly recipes ideas. These tips, tricks, and yummy dishes will ensure that you have enough time to kick back and enjoy some shade under your Tiki Hut without worrying about whether your guests need another drink or if your steaks are burning!

So let’s get to it! (more…)


How To Grill A Gourmet Meal In Under An Hour

After a long day’s work, the last thing that many of us want to do is stand over a hot grill and make a full course meal–even if it is for our friends and family. Grilling should always be a leisurely activity and most often is on the weekends or when you have some time off. But for those days where you couldn’t get off work soon enough, the following recipes will help you create a full course meal grilled in under an hour on your outdoor kitchen in Cape Coral. And, if you’re having guests over, they will think that you slaved away on these sophisticated-looking dishes. Apart from being prepared and timing your dishes correctly, presentation is key to this meal. Enjoy the following recipes so that you can spend the rest of your evening enjoying your little piece of paradise. (more…)

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