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Why You Should Grill Outdoors Every Day especially with a Texas Outdoor Kitchens from Paradise Grills Direct.

Texas outdoor kitchens

When it comes to the perfect symbol for America, grilling comes in a close third behind the flag and the bald eagle. (You take a step back there, Apple Pie). Over the years, grills have grown from simple little hibachis to elaborate, complete outdoor kitchens that can be used year-round. If you’re not grilling regularly, there are many reasons why you should be.

It saves time. Grills heat up quickly and food generally cooks faster on them. It keeps your home cooler. Using a Texas Outdoor Kitchen for Cooking outside allows you to avoid using your oven that can bring up the temperature in your home. Who wants to sweat while they’re cooking a meal?

Plus, the food is more flavorful. People love the smokey flavor of food cooked on a grill. Use smoker boxes of wood chips or cook on cedar planks for even more flavor in the meat. Because grilled pizza is a thing. Pizza on the grill is simple to do and it’s delicious. Simply stretch out some fresh pizza dough from your favorite pizza place or the grocery store, brush it with a little olive oil and cook on one side for about 4-5 minutes, until it starts to crisps a little. Brush the top with olive oil and flip it over. Quickly add sauce and toppings and cook until cheese is melted and the crust has reached your desired crispness. Yummy!

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It’s fun. Cooking on a grill from a Texas Outdoor Kitchen is a lot more fun than a boring old stove. Grilling is an event! Cooking over a fire brings interest and excitement to those cooking and those watching.

It’s cheaper. With grilling, you typically use fewer ingredients because a lot of the flavor comes from the grilling itself. Maybe a simple sauce or a rub, grilling usually doesn’t require a big, elaborate recipe with lots of expensive ingredients. Using your oven can also increase the temperature in your home which could cost you extra in cooling costs.

It’s better for the environment than charcoal. Despite the fact that gas isn’t renewable energy and charcoal is, burning charcoal is more harmful to the environment. According to a study by the Oakridge National Laboratory, an hour of grilling with gas emits 5.6 lbs. of CO2 while an hour of charcoal grilling emits 11lbs. of CO2.

It’s easier to regulate temperature. Gas grilling allows greater control over cooking temperatures than charcoal or cooking inside on an electric stove. This helps to avoid overcooking your foods.

Food is fresher and healthier. Typically, the foods we cook on the grill is fresh meats and vegetables, whereas when we cook inside, we sometimes rely on processed foods for flavor or convenience. Grilling meats allows the fat to drip off instead of collecting in the pan, so meats generally have less fat. Grilled food is simple, pure food.Less clean up. When you grill simple meals, there’s less cleanup. It gets you and your family outdoors. And couldn’t we all use less screen time and more outside time?

It’s a family tradition. Summer means grilling and everyone loves hanging out together around the grill. We all have fond memories of summertime cookouts with our families when we were growing up―the delicious food, sunshine, family, and outdoor games.

With Texas Outdoor Kitchens by Paradise Grills Direct, we know the importance of family and how much fun grilling can be. We’re America’s leader in outdoor grilling entertainment. Whether you’re buying a grill or an entire outdoor kitchen, Paradise Grilling Systems can get you started on building those wonderful family memories.
Call us today at (800)604-2023 and get grilling!!


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