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Thanksgiving Dinner Gets Downright Festive On A Paradise Grill

thanksgiving table You can spend another Thanksgiving going down the traditional route of a home filled with guests all hanging around the overheated kitchen, waiting on the turkey to finish roasting so you can get started on the side dishes. Which is a fine enough scenario, but one that can definitely be improved on? This year, why not mix up some outdoor grilling fun with an updated and enticing Thanksgiving menu that can all be cooked up on your Orlando backyard grill.

Straight To The Main Course: Roasting Turkey And Ham On Your Paradise Grill

For most people, the lovingly carved Thanksgiving turkey takes center stage on the holiday table. Sometimes a ham makes a delicious appearance as well. It is a beloved tradition and one that you can improve on with your home grill. This will not only free up your kitchen oven for more side dishes or desserts, but it also moves the festivities outside as well as inside. Even in the chilliest of climates, it’s always fun to hang out by the grill chatting up loved ones while the glorious scent of dinner on the grill makes every guest’s mouth water. Plus, it is a lot easier than you may think. Grilling a turkey will take about three hours once the grill is ready, so be sure to give yourself plenty of time. You will want your grill to be around 400 to 450 degrees Fahrenheit to be ready for the bird. Keep in mind that if it’s cold where you are at coming Thanksgiving time, it may take longer than if you are heating the grill in Orlando. While you are waiting for the grill to heat up, prep your turkey. If you have a large grill, a medium or large turkey will be great or consider grilling up two smaller (about 12 pounds) turkeys, side by side. If you have a smaller grill, you’ll probably want to manage a medium or small turkey.

A good tip is to use the spatchcock (or butterfly) method of cooking poultry…that is, to flatten the turkey by cutting out the backbone. This will quicken cooking time as well as crisping up the skin beautifully as you can cook the bird skin side down for a while. Season your turkey with your favorite flavors, rub the turkey down with oil, then lay it skin side down on the hot grill just until the skin is good and crispy.

Then, flip the bird over and place it over indirect heat and let it cook. Check it periodically with the meat thermometer until you get 165F in the breast and thighs. It’s going to knock your socks off. For more detailed instructions and variations

For an extra meat option, you can add ham to the holiday table quite easily with a grill. Since most hams commonly sold at the grocery store have already been cooked and just need to be warmed thoroughly, a grill is a perfect place to do it. For a ham, you just need to warm it by grilling it over low heat, 250F is plenty hot enough for this. Twenty minutes per pound should suffice for a regular ready to eat ham. If you have a spiral cut ham, it will cook up much faster, so count on about 15 minutes per pound in this instance. This one, with horseradish and brown sugar, would be an especially good choice.

Side Dishes Too Good Not To Try For Thanksgiving On A Paradise Grill

You better believe you can cook up all kinds of hearty, flavorful Thanksgiving sides on your Orlando grill! Most side dishes will need to be grilled over indirect heat, so if you want to cook some sides up with your turkey, consider the size of your grill and plan accordingly. Of course, you can also ask your guests to bring their grills over as well! Make a party of it! Many dishes you associate with Thanksgiving and love to have, like stuffing and sweet potatoes are absolutely grillable. For some of the sides, like sweet potatoes, a thermometer alarm may be a good investment, but you don’t really need one. For grilling potatoes, you have to remember to cook by temperature, not necessarily time. You don’t even have to peel those bad boys. Just toss them on the grill over indirect heat and cook them until they get to 190-200 degrees F. Perfect. For a detailed recipe, go here.

Stuffing is just a necessary part of Thanksgiving. You can customize this side dish to make everyone happy; vegetarians, meat lovers, kids, adults, no one is immune to the charms of really good stuffing. And it’s a cinch to cook on the grill. Stuffing is also cooked over indirect heat and in a cast-iron pan. You can use your stovetop to start the recipe or a side burner on your grill. After all the ingredients are prepped in the pan, just grill over indirect heat until it’s done. The details and recipe are here for a savory stout flavored stuffing.

thanksgiving side dish

For a super easy and quick vegetable side, or even an appetizer, asparagus is a crowd-pleaser, and it’s wonderful grilled on the Paradise Grill Systems. What makes this really special is the prosciutto wrapping. An easy and flavorful side that will take up little space on the grill. This is one of the sides that grill over direct heat, so you can grill it easily next to any of the other sides, try it here.

Thanksgiving Desserts On Paradise Grills? Oh, Yes!

And for the grand finale, dessert. You can grill this up in advance of the turkey as it needs 4 hours of cooling time. Apple pie is as American as Thanksgiving and here is a really special apple pie recipe you can grill. This is another cast iron pan recipe that cooks over indirect heat. It’s going to be the perfect grilled end of a perfect day with the Paradise Grill System.

A Little Something Extra For The Big Orlando Grilling Day

You will be spending some quality time with your Paradise Grill on Thanksgiving, so here is a perfect libation to go with everything! Especially if you have friends and family who will be out in the cold autumn weather with you (or not so cold if you’re grilling in Orlando!) This is one recipe not made on the grill, but it is made easy and warm in a crockpot, so it doesn’t need to be watched and it’s ready for refills all day long. This spiked apple cider will also be perfect with dessert! Get some alcohol free drinks for the kids and you are ready for a wonderful Paradise Grilling Thanksgiving!


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