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Beautiful Outdoor Kitchens in Sarasota, FL From Paradise Grills

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Outdoor kitchens in Sarasota Florida have been popular for quite some time, due to the year-round warm climate. In Fact, in many parts of the U.S. where warmer temperatures remain all year, people have long been expanding their living spaces to the outdoors. Only recently have outdoor kitchens started growing in popularity and are being utilized throughout many parts of the country. Even in regions where the weather varies dramatically with the seasons, homeowners are expanding their living spaces throughout the summer and warmer fall/spring months. Hands-down, summer is the time for backyard BBQs, grilling, and outdoor entertainment. This is where outdoor kitchens come to life, allowing you a central point to converge upon for cooking, mingling, and entertaining family and friends all summer long.

Outdoor kitchens in Sarasota Florida have come a long way from just a simple grill, picnic table, and beverage cooler. Nowadays, even basic models of outdoor kitchens feature multiple amenities including the kitchen sink. These amenities span a broad range of needs in customizable features such as refrigerators, wine cabinets/chillers, wash sinks, fridge/freezer drawers, grills, burners, ovens, bar setups, and virtually any other amenity a kitchen might need.

If you already cook two or more meals a week outdoors on the grill, you should already have (or be well on your way to having) an outdoor kitchen setup. Households that already entertain outside, cook outside, and eat outside are doing so even during seasonally cold weather that would normally prevent outdoor activities. This is because of the integration of amenities like patio heaters into outdoor kitchens.

An image featuring the Tahiti outdoor kitchen from the Shades Of Paradise Collection, with GSL-32 Professional Grill, CSL – 32 Cocktail Station and stools.

Getting an idea of what amenities you’d want or need in an outdoor kitchen can get a little tough. With features going as far as beer on tap, fireplaces, and big screen tv’s, one might lose sight of the basics. The “basics” recommended for outdoor kitchens in Sarasota Florida include water supply, direct natural gas line, and beverage refrigerator. These three “basics” are all you really need to cut down on traffic in and out of the house, prepare full meals outside, ease efforts at sanitation and clean-up, and entertain guests/loved ones.

Some realtors report that up to thirty percent of home seekers at least enquire about properties that include outdoor kitchens. Furthermore, some realtors estimate that within the next twenty years, outdoor kitchens will be standard in homebuilding. Outdoor kitchens also provide a hub for socializing, much as indoor kitchens do now. Questions about maintenance and cleaning often arise in regards to outdoor kitchens in Sarasota Fl. However, if the kitchen is comprised of high-quality components that are installed correctly, the regular maintenance and cleaning remain minimal. Other than light surface cleaning, the only big maintenance task is draining water supply lines that service any sinks in climates where freezing is an issue during the winter.

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The best place to start when looking for more information about outdoor kitchens in Sarasota Florida is Paradise Grills Direct! Paradise Grills is America’s largest manufacturer of outdoor kitchens, and are proud of their standing as such. Leading the industry has put Paradise Grills in the unique position to be a trendsetter in outdoor kitchen design and implementation. Several packages are available featuring various combinations of customizable components. This gives you the option of tailoring your outdoor kitchen to your own needs, style, and personality.

the image depicts the GX 8 Kitchen island with the GSL-32 Professional Grill, accompanied by accessories including a fridge and sink. The grill's control knobs are illuminated with blue lights.

Wherever you look to fulfill your outdoor kitchen needs, make sure your outdoor kitchen is backed by a lifetime guarantee. While some competitors can’t or won’t offer a lifetime guarantee, Paradise Grills does “guarantee the strongest built welded frame for your outdoor kitchen that is guaranteed to last a lifetime”. All Paradise Grills are commercial grade and through Paradise Grills’ Flexbuild system, can be paired with any of Paradise Grills’ bar systems.

With all this experience in customizing quality materials to house the finest components, feel at great ease when putting your trust in Paradise Grills Direct. That trust will be rewarded every time you entertain at your outdoor kitchen or use your Paradise Grill for simple meal prep. For more information or to speak with a Paradise Grills professional, visit our Sarasota Outdoor Kitchens showroom HERE.

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