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Time To Tune Your Tampa Outdoor Grill

If you love grilling half as much as we do, then chances are you fire up your grill all year long-rain or shine. Using a grill all year long means you need to make sure it’s always running in top condition. By tuning your grill up every couple of months, you can avoid potential risks or issues, like clogged burner gas ports or a grease fire. Below, we’ve given you the simple steps to tune up your Tampa outdoor grill, to keep it running free of complications, all year long. This whole process should take about half an hour to an hour.

Do a visual inspection of your grill in its entirety. Top to bottom, inside, and outside. You’re looking for any rust spots, cracks in your grill, or worn hoses. If you see any of these on any part of your grill contact your Tampa outdoor grill manufacturer to discuss the warranty policy in regards to replacing the part in question. When you have completed the “once over” it’s time to clean.

While a smoky buildup on the inside of the grill adds a delectable smoky flavor to your food, the build-up of food and grease can cause potential issues and risks if not taken care of properly.

Basic Gas Grill Cleaning 101

  1. Clear out any debris from the inside of the tubes, manifolds, burner valve connectors, etc.
  2. Empty the grease trap and give it a good scrub down.
  3. Light your Tampa outdoor grill to high heat for about 15 minutes to burn off any food or grease.
  4. Clean the grates with brass bristle brush once the grill has cooled down and oil as needed.

Check For Leaks

From your initial visual check, you should have been able to assess if you have any worn hoses. If your hose looks questionable it’s probably best to replace it with a new hose. To check for leaks in your hoses, combine equal parts liquid soap with water and run this along with the hose, if you see bubbles, you have a leak and need to replace the hose, immediately.

Burner Tubes

Next, you need to make sure that flames emerge from all of the holes of the burner tubes. If the holes are blocked, you can unblock them by using a small piece of wire such as a paperclip. Simply use a soft cloth and soapy water to clean the tubes it requires it.

Clean the Outside & Fuel Up

Once the inside of your Tampa outdoor grill is looking squeaky clean and you have made sure that all components work and perform correctly, it’s time to clean the outside. Cleaning the outside of your stainless steel grill is easy, soap and water should do the trick. Make sure to dry it with a soft towel afterward to avoid rust and water spots.

Now that you’re sure everything on your grill is working properly, make sure you have enough fuel to get the party started. Nothing is more embarrassing than inviting friends and family over for a BBQ, only to find you have to make a propane run! You can find out how to check your propane tank here, that way you never will be caught by surprise.


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