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Top 5 Tailgating Outdoor Kitchen Recipes

man grilling sauasges Fall possesses many traditions that Americans just can’t get enough of-especially the tradition of tailgating at a football game. That’s why you need the best tailgating recipes! With a nice cold beer, good conversation, and delectable barbecued victuals it’s not hard to see why so many of us love this time-honored tradition so much. So get your gear on, paint your face and grab your Tampa outdoor grill because you’ve got some serious tailgate cooking to do.

Pro Tip: You may want to pack two grills with you for your tailgating escapade. One to cook sides and other food items that don’t cook as long and one for the main grilling event. If loading up two grills isn’t an option, consider turning down the heat on one side of the grill for a similar experience.

The Best Classic Chili Tailgating Recipe

Even though you can’t use your outdoor grill in Tampa to “grill” this up, it just wouldn’t be right for us not to include a hearty cup of chili on the best tailgating recipe list. Chili is a personal thing so if you’re a chili veteran, then you know what your doing. If it’s your first time, try The Best Classic Chili and tweak as you go.

Garlic Parmesan Wings

If just saying those three words, Garlic. Parmesan. Wings. Makes your mouth start to water, imagine what they’ll actually taste like. A little different then your run-of-the-mill chicken wings, one thing’s for sure, these tender grilled chicken wings smothered in a parmesan garlic sauce will be the talk of the tailgate.

Grilled Hawaiian Teriyaki Chicken Skewers

skwers on a grill

Easy, refreshing, and delicious are just a few of the terms used to describe these simple and vibrant skewers. Turn the heat up on your Tampa outdoor grill and smother these puppies in delectable homemade teriyaki sauce…Aloha!

Starker’s Bacon and Cheese Curd Burger

Instead of on top of the burger, you’ll find the cheesy, bacon goodness inside this juicy twist on the classic. Starker’s Bacon and Cheese Curd Burger combines the perfect ingredients in a flavorful and surprising way. Wait there’s more! The bacon is brown sugar bacon…

Chili Dogs

Remember that Classic Chili you made earlier? Well, you’ve got another meal out of it when you add a classic grilled dog! Not a chili dog fan? That’s fine, just be sure to bring all the fixins’  when you use your outdoor grill in Tampa to accommodate everyone’s taste buds. Tangy Horseradish or Spicy Chilis? We’ll take one of each! You can never go wrong with a perfectly grilled hot dog at a tailgate party.

Happy Grilling and we hope you enjoy these Tailgating Recipes!



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