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Winterizing Your Paradise Grills

Cold weather is the bane of every griller’s existence. Except for a few diehards, many people who reside in the northern states put away their grill once the threat of snow is in the air. Even though we are based out of the Southeastern United States, we proudly sell all of our Paradise grills to people across the entire country. Selling our products to the northern states means providing the most accurate information on how to properly store or winterize your grill. Below, you’ll find tips on how to store your grill for the next few months. The sooner you start, the less likely you’ll have to clean your grill in freezing temps.

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Clean Your Grill

Have you ever procrastinated cleaning a dirty dish and when you finally decide to clean it, it takes twice as long as it would have if you had cleaned it sooner? This concept is what fuels the need to clean your Paradise grills before you store it. Imagine having to clean greasy residue, food particles, and other questionable debris months later- no thank you! Cleaning your grill in preparation for winter requires more than just a quick scrub down. Thoroughly clean your grill using the following steps:

  • Turn your grill on one last time, just enough to “preheat it”. Once it’s cooled down slightly uses a grill brush to get rid of buildup.
  • Brush the cooking grates, heat plates, and warming rack with a wire grill brush. Then remove them and wash them with warm soapy water. Allow all parts to completely dry.
  • Remove the burners and scrape the inside of the burner box to remove as much buildup as humanly possible.
  • Remove the drip tray and wash in a warm soap solution, rinse, and then dry.
  • Wipe down the inside of the grill cabinet removing any food particles and other debris that may have accumulated. Leaving behind build-up at the bottom of the grill cabinet can accelerate deterioration.
  • Clean the outside of your grill using a gentle cleaning solution, like soap and water.

If it’s Broken, Fix it.

While you’re cleaning your grill, if you come across anything that is damaged or broken, this is the best time to fix it. This is especially true for gas lines and control valves. First, check your warranty to see what components are covered on your Paradise grills and go from there. You can find more information on how to repair or replace parts of your grill, here.

Protect Your Burners

Burners are obviously very important to your Paradise grills, so it’s vital that you take extra care of the burners to increase their lifespan. Once you’ve cleaned the burners, coat them with cooking oil and wrap them in a sealed plastic bag to prevent a build-up of moisture.

Turn off Your Gas Source

Probably the most important thing you can do to winterize your grill is to turn off the gas source.

  • If your gas grill is connected to a gas line, make sure that the valve is turned off and disconnect as needed.
  • If your gas grill relies on a propane tank to fire things up, disconnect the tank and store it outdoors. If you are leaving your grill outside you can keep the tank connected, but make sure the valve is in the off position. Never store a propane tank inside.

Cover Your Grill

Once you have completed the above tasks you can store your Paradise grills. Even if you plan on keeping your grill stowed away indoors, it’s best to invest in a grill cover to avoid excess dust or critters from nesting in or on your grill. You can find fitted covers and additional accessories for your Paradise grills, here.

That’s All Folks!

Now you can relax and spend your winter divulging in some of our favorite barbecue bibles until the season starts again.

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