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Creating The Best Backyard BBQ In Tampa

Barbecues are one of the main events that we all look forward to in the summertime and if you live in Tampa, you may be used to throwing them all year long. With this in mind, we’ve created your go-to-guide to create a BBQ that’s always fun and never stale. For great recipe ideas and fun games, check out How To Throw The Best Backyard BBQbecause today we are talking about decor ideas and themed parties for your backyard barbecue in Tampa, Florida.

Setting The Scene

In general, most people are visual, which means they want to be surrounded by nice looking things, the only variant in most cases is what a particular person’s “taste” is. No matter your taste, we have found some decor options that will wow your guests and not empty out your pocket.

  • Set Up a Tent or Umbrellas – This is a great idea to shade people from the harmful rays of the sun and you can choose tents or umbrellas in any style, color, or shape. Adding a Tiki style umbrella is a fun way to create an oasis right in your Tampa outdoor kitchen.
  • Change Up Your Cushions – If you’ve been using the same cushions on your patio furniture season after season, one inexpensive way to change up the “mood” of your outdoor kitchen space, is to change your cushions, try a sky blue or buttery yellow for bright and light decor.
  • Flowy Curtains – Live your best life, by throwing up glam curtains that shield the sun and give you your privacy.
  • Decorate with Plants – Bring your inside plants, outside!
  • Create a Themed Bar – Whether it’s spiked lemonade or a floral garden bar, give your childhood drinks an adult upgrade.
  • Fire Pit – As the sun begins to set, start up a fire and have a s’mores bar ready to go for your guests.

Be sure to visit House Beautiful for even more great tips and tricks for throwing the best decorated backyard BBQ in Tampa.

A cozy dinner table setting featuring lush greenery, white flowers, and a variety of appetizers. wine glasses with red and white wine add a festive touch to the intimate gathering.

Themed Parties

When you’re throwing barbecues year round, the same old barbecue “scene” can get a little dull, here are some fun ways to add some pizazz back to your party, so that you’re always throwing the best barbecue on your block. Here are some easy themed parties for you try on at your next soiree:

  • All American BBQ – If you haven’t thrown the quintessential American BBQ yet, you need to-like yesterday. Keep it fun and simple with burgers, dogs, beer, and of course, red, white, and blue. You can’t go wrong with this type of backyard party.
  • Get Your Luau On – Get a big Tiki umbrella, fringe for the tables, and leis for all your guests. Serve up kabobs and Blue Hawaiians with those little umbrellas and your guests will feel like they have booked a one way ticket to paradise.
  • Sports Themed BBQ – This is basically just like the all American BBQ, but with sports. Host a game night at your home and watch the game in your Tampa outdoor kitchen, while your guests enjoy cold drinks and hot food! You can find even more fun and unique themed parties, here.
A close-up of a barbecue meal with a bowl of roasted chicken legs next to corn on the cob, salad, and a jar of mild salsa.
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